Junction Craft Brewing Meeting

Councillor Frances Nunziata and Junction Craft Brewing will be holding a public meeting on October 29 to discuss the brewery’s proposal to allow for a tasting and purchasing area at their new facility on Cawthra Avenue. The brewery is an interesting development as an example of a craft industry potentially bringing new vitality to this historic mixed-use area. It is reusing part of the former Canada Bread industrial bakery complex and seems to exemplify Jane Jacobs’ adage that “new ideas must use old buildings”. Such areas have unfortunately too often seen redevelopment exclusively in the form of residential projects out of step with its history or suburban-style retail plazas comprised of big-box stores with much of the land dedicated only to parking. The meeting represents an opportunity to address practical concerns that may arise from the operations of such a facility and to see that it integrates well into our neighbourhood.

Junction Craft Brewing Meeting
October 29, 2012 at 7 PM
90 Cawthra Avenue