The Junction is a neighbourhood located in Toronto’s west end. The upper Junction is the area around Toronto’s former meatpacking district known as the Stock Yards. Being a core economic area of the former City of West Toronto, it has been historically linked with The Junction neighbourhood and is more than just a contrived real estate term. The upper Junction is bounded by the Canadian National railway corridor in the east, Runnymede Road in the west, the Canadian Pacific railway corridor in the south, and the Lavender Creek ravine and hydro corridor in the north. (See map below.) Yet it’s also interconnected with neighbouring areas because of geographic and historical ties.

This blog is meant to be a forum for residents and all individuals concerned with issues affecting the quality of life and the economic vitality of this area such as roads, transit, cycling and other infrastructure, public spaces, redevelopment, architecture, heritage, crime and social issues, and culture and entertainment. It also explores these issues in other parts of Toronto and beyond. Given the inactivity of the St. Clair West Village Association, it is important to reorganize and expand community organizations for a more unified voice in addressing local issues and strengthening a sense of community. Community organization is central to this blog.

Click for a larger version. (Google Maps)


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